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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Train: Vienna to Hallstatt

You can probably work out that yes I'm going to Hallstatt.

Well, my initial reason for going to Hallstatt was to find someplace to relax after all the travelling I've been doing and it's probably as good a place as any to try get over this bug that I've got.

Last night while packing I decided to outsmart my hosts by packing my bags as I've normally done, the larger bag being the heavier of the two. It's typical that when it comes time to leave, my hostess helps me with the bags by taking the smaller one. Doh!

I had originally planned to be catching the 10:34am train but I'm out of the b&b so early that I'll be able to make the 9:34am. I just didn't enjoy myself there and want to get away as soon as I can.

I trundle down to the taxi rank and come upon another happy driver willing to take me the short distance to the station. I'm more pleased when the fare turns out to be very reasonable as well.

There aren't that many people on board the train to Attnang-Puchheim - I have to change there for the train to Hallstatt.


It's a pleasant enough 2 and a half hour journey - there's some beautiful scenery but alas the train windows aren't conducive to good photo taking.


The train I change onto is only 2nd class, it's a regional train - there's not quite as much space as the other trains but once again, the scenery is stunning.


This was about the best of the shots taken - there are lots of gorgeous mountains, I mean real mountains and lakes. Very picturesque indeed. It's around about 1 and a half hour trip to Hallstatt.

Near the end of my journey the conductor comes over and asks what stop I'm getting off at - I tell him and he advises me that it will be arriving at 1.50 so I should go and wait at the door and be ready as the train doesn't linger.

With his words ringing in my ears and my eye on the clock, I dutifully make my way to the door - I don't want to delay the train or anything. As the train pulls into the station, I head off, lugging my bags out and onto the gravel platform. Looking up I see the name of the station and at the next door the Conductor yells out "It's the next stop!" Doh!

I hurdle the luggage back on board, grumbling to myself. The train is running 10 minutes late.

When I eventually leave the train the Conductor gives me one of those smiles - yeah, I think I've seen enough of those smiles.

Now, when you read those all so thoughtful and gushing travel columns about Hallstatt you'll read how you'll trundle down a gentle path from the station and onto the waiting ferry for your short trip across the lake.

Well, yes, I suppose that would be what happens in theory.

In theory, there'd be a ferry - in reality, you wait.

The gentle path isn't quite as gentle - and if you have trailing luggage, you'll find they suddenly have a tendency to want to run you over. On the way down, my thoughts were to the fun I'm going to have, trying to get my bags back up that slope!

To cross the lake, it will cost €1.80 for the 5 or so minute trip and for the Australian's out there, the captain bears an uncanny resemblance to Bargearse.


  1. Anonymous00:26

    Thanks a lot for your story, it makes me a bit less worry about the trian and how long it will take. i am going to Hallsatt from Vienna next month. May I ask how much for the train cost??
    Cheers, Sara

  2. Hi Sara - have no idea how much the train costs as I was using a Eurail pass. You might be able to find the cost here: DB or the austrian rail site here: OBB


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