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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Night Train: Berlin to Vienna

My train was departing from platform 6 of Berlin Zoo. This station is surprisingly small for the major hub that it is, the platforms chaotic and crowded.

The train I'm catching is a Euro Night - you can only get a sleeper from Berlin to Vienna, at Vienna you change trains.


Compared to my american experience of their sleepers, this room was enormous. It's actually capable of sleeing 3 but I've got it all to myself. There's even a separate chair and table so you aren't stuck with having to sit on the bed.


There's a little welcome bag for you containing

towel, drinking water and soap and

a commemorative mug!

There's a couple of problems though - there's no power supply in the room, so I won't be able to charge anything until I reach Budapest.

Although the room is non-smoking, smoke from the other rooms is leeching in from any gaps - and for someone that is sensitive to smoke, it keeps me from having a good sleep.

With a first class sleeper you get a complimentary breakfast - I won't be cruel and say that even though it's complimentary it's still too expensive.



I think that it's not the first time that apples been offered up for breakfast. The rolls are kinda stale and the juice was horrid.


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