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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Munich - Day 5

It's the last day in Munich - later tonight I'll be on the train and finally in Italy!

First thing this morning I'm off to the post office to send back a few more parcels. The rest of the day I spend doing as little as possible - I still haven't rid myself of this cough, if anything it's probably got worse.

The only photos I've taken today are with the cameraphone and they are both of Munich Station.


As I said before it's a huge station and it's in one of it's restaurants where I have my last meal in Munich.

I'm waited on by a very friendly chap in lederhosen called Hans - he's quite affable and keeps checking to see that every-thing's okay and keeps coming back to chat. Eventually he asks for my name, which I give him. Oh, what a lovely name, he says. Yes, yes it is I think to myself, pity it's not mine.

He returns for the umpteenth time and quite casually asks that if I'm not busy would I like to go for a drink with him as he gets off work at 10. Well, That's awfully nice to offer but I'll be on a train at 9 and gone forever! If you listen closely you can hear his heart break at the news. After that he isn't quite the same cheery chap that he was.


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