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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Munich - Day 1

It was a pretty smooth transition from train to hotel - apart from the train arriving a little late. Munich station is enormous - well over 35 platforms!

The hotel is quite lovely - I have a great room on the top floor with views of a nearby church, St Anna's - it's also at the end of the corridor so it's very private. I won't be keeping anyone awake with this cough.


I have internet but it's not free - I do manage a chat with Paalo before going out to explore.

I'm a bit amazed and dismayed to find out when I ask at the desk about locations of chemists that they shut at 2pm but the one at the station might be open.

If I don't get something today I won't be able to get anything until Monday, since in this advanced city (and country), shops are closed on Sundays!

I know that there's an underground station (Lehel) near the hotel, so using my great sense of direction (stop laughing Paalo) I stumble upon it. It's a really quick trip - less than 5 minutes. That sense of direction also leads me to the chemist - I'm out of luck today since it's closed and won't re-open until Monday!

I take the opportunity to look around the station - there certainly are lots of places to eat here, so feeling lazy I get something to take-away, since sitting amid the smoke haze won't do me any good.

It's back to the hotel to wile away the hours until tomorrow.


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