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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hallstatt - Day 3


It wasn't the church bells that woke me but the sounds of construction at 5.30am! Oddly enough the bells didn't ring this morning. Go figure.

I eventually headed down for breakfast after 8.30am where it was a bowl of cereal, a pot of coffee and a bread roll with jam.

Later I headed to the post office to send off another 4kg's of accumulated junk souvenirs. It's a little more expensive than Berlin but to have 4kg's less in the bags is worth it. I will leave the posting of the souvenir mug and wine glass until Munich.

I'm doing as little as possible today - I've still got a horrible cough. I spend some time sitting in front of the church watching the machinations of the ferry. It seems to leave Hallstatt station just before the train arrives. It must be run by the people who have designed Melbourne's tram timetables or there's some logic to it that I can't quite comprehend. Maybe the Captain needs to go to the loo or his left the kettle on back at home. Through my few days here, I've only seen the Captain Bargearse in two positions, behind the wheel of his car or the wheel of his boat. I'm sure if he could drive that car onto the boat, he would.

I have lunch here...


and it's proof of the saying that the better the view, the worse the food. I have a piece of potato pie, more like a potato strudel - it's been micro-waved and served with a huge portion of sauerkraut. I'm not partial to sauerkraut at the best of times, the whole pitifulness of the meal combined with my current state of health leaves me a little down.

I decide to spend some time in my room and as I've just settled in there's a knock on the door. The cleaning lady is at the door in a bit of a lather. It seems she wants me to move out of my room into the dinky room next door. Err, no, homey don't think so. She heads back downstairs to get someone else. Shortly after there's another knock on the door. It's the check-in guy, he tells me that I have to move next door because someone booked this room 2 months ago and didn't tell him. Umm, I booked this room in April! He counters with "but you booked a single" - No I booked this exact room and I've got the email that proves it. He does a Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone, double handed slap to his cheeks. This is your problem, I'm thinking, I'm not moving anywhere.

A little while later there's another knock at the door - it's the cleaning lady again and she still wanting me to move. I explain one more time, this is the room I booked and I'm not moving. Whoever booked it can have it tomorrow, since that is when I'm leaving. There's a bit more Move Move but I stay firm and eventually she leaves. I really could have done without this.

For reference, this is the magnificent room that's the subject of this tug of war


and in all honesty, it's not the most fantastic room there is. The shower tiles are mildew central and the bed is so hard up against the wall that any movement results in loud creaks and rattles. Yes, the view is nice, but you are subjected to every yokel stopping on the road to stare up at you.

I leave the room for one last time to get some photos at dusk, well, after chaining up my luggage so they couldn't move it (paranoid aren't I)






Back in my room I take one last shot for the night


If you'd like to see the photos from today just click on the link
Hallstatt Set

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  1. Wow these photographs are amazing. Seems like a whole different world to Sydney.


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