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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Night Train: Munich to Turin

The train I'm on is the DB NachtZug - I've got quite a large room all to myself and it even has it's own bathroom complete with shower, though the chances of anyone actually fitting in that shower bewilders me. It seems newer and at least it's free of that smoke smell that permeated through the cracks in the night train to Budapest. The bed is shorter but wider and ride is really quite smooth and quite. I'm able to get a much better sleep here.

Something odd happens in this train.

I start off near the rear of the train and facing backwards but during the night somehow I end up facing forward and up the front of the train.

The deluxe breakfast is served at the pre-ordained time - I would not like to see the non-deluxe version!


There's some fantastic scenery around Lugano - it's still so dark but you can see the street lights twisting their way up the mountain.

Not long after and it's Como


and less than an hour to go before I'm here - Milano Centrale.


This station is massive and oh so beautiful - I can't believe how excited I am to be finally in Italy. I have a little bit of time to kill before I catch the train to Torino so I visit the various newsagents buying up loads of Italian Cooking magazines!


It's on this train for the next couple of hours that I sit and read and feel comfortable in my surrounds. Something I haven't really been able to say for a while.


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