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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bologna - Day 3

Amongst the many items available for breakfast at the Hotel you can find three different types of croissant - plain, wholemeal and jam filled. So it was rather humorous to see a couple scraping out the jam from their croissant so they could then put cheese in it. It does pay to read the labels!

After my breakfast entertainment it's off to once again explore the streets of Bologna


It's no surprise Armani is housed in such a stylish building.


These next photos are taken around the Basilica di San Domenico which is also known as Santa Maria delle Vigne.

0DSC_8388.jpg 0DSC_8392.jpg

The structure on the right is the tomb of Egidio Foscarari (1289) and to the left and below is the tomb of Rolandino de'Passeggeri (1305).


In the distance to the right you can just make out the column of St Dominic.


This is the Church of Santo Stefano which is made up from four medieval churches. The main structure dates from the 11th century and is the Church of the Crucifix.

For lunch I returned the site of my first lunch

0DSC02620.jpg 0DSC02622.jpg

this time I enjoy a plate of freshly sliced prosciutto. I don't know how I'll be able to face locally made prosciutto since I've had the authentic versions - they just don't compare.

As it's Sunday there's not that much to do so I spend it back in my room getting ready to leave tomorrow - in case you wondered, this is my room.


While the room was really very nice I can't really say the same for the bowl of pasta I had for dinner at the Hotel restaurant tonight. I ordered Tortellini Bolognese as I felt like some comfort food. After all I am in Bologna and what other place would be more appropriate than this to be having "Bolognese".

Well, the dish that was eventually presented left me bewildered. Instead of a wonderful rich meat ragu, the tortellini were coated in a thin white sauce speckled with a fine dice of pancetta. The tortellini weren't cooked evenly, some were stuck together and others were still hard.

I must be honest and say that I've been less than impressed with the food I've had here in Bologna and that's a hard thing to say considering it's reputation. Apart from two lunches that I had at the same little cafe, it's left me wondering if the prevalence of McDonalds is the cause of this gastronomic decline. Perhaps I just looked in the wrong areas but I didn't seem to have this problem in Torino but then again I didn't notice McDonalds there either.

For more Bologna photos, look here


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