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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hallstatt - Day 2

It's a misty morning - cold and dark as I'm awoken by the church bells at 6am. First one church and then the other - yeah, I don't think they need to double up on that bell thing.

My symptoms have progressed to a congested chest and cough and with no pharmacy in town I've got to put up with it until I get to Munich on Saturday.



Breakfast is served in the ivy strewn dining-room - I think I'm the last to eat. A pot of coffee is made to order and from the buffet, I opt for muesli and a bread roll with jam. I also get some extra milk for the coffee since they only serve it with a small jug of cream.


I decide to do the energetic thing and head up to visit the Maria Himmelfahrt Church (That faded picture on the wall up there is of St Christopher). My fluid filled lungs get a workout climbing all those stairs


- maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

The church does have two lovely triptych altarpieces and it is very picturesque - surrounded by the perfectly tended cemetery.

DSC_6084.JPG DSC_6087.JPG

These are late Gothic in style - in the photo on the left, the altarpiece details the life of Mary, along side her are St Barbara and St Catherine.

DSC_6092.JPG DSC_6115.JPG


The stalls were also quite was the ceiling - simple but lovely


This is the entry for the church...

and the cemetery that surrounds it.


In case you don't know, due to the cemetery's small size, every 10 years they would dig up the skeletons, paint decorations on the skulls and put them inside a building known as the Bone House (Bein Haus). This was to ensure space for future generations to be buried. Now-days, they don't dig anyone up unless it's with approval. However, due to this past activity, Hallstatt is home to a different type of tourist "attraction" - you can go and visit the painted skulls. Surprisingly, the chance to see centuries of human skulls doesn't really interest me.

There are some nicer views to be had

DSC_6135.JPG DSC_6150.JPG

On the journey down I visit with a local - I think they have the right idea of what I should be doing

Up here you do get to see things from a different aspect


and the meandering paths are quite lovely and interesting
DSC_6161.JPG DSC_6157.JPG

Back on ground level I wander around and take a few more snaps - the following are from the main square


DSC_6179.JPG DSC_6178.JPG
as I've said before, it's very quaint.

A warning to coffee lovers, the following photo may make you upset

Lunch was had at this place, Cafe Konditorei Derbl facing the town square.

I enjoyed quite a lovely but simple Margarita pizza.

After lunch I thought I'd get some photos of the lovely tourist rubbish items you can purchase - I'm sure this is what the trendy mountaineers will be wearing this year

DSC02135.JPG DSC02136.JPG

But it's not all latest fashions, there are also exorbadent reasonably priced knick knacks for the home

DSC02137.JPG DSC02138.JPG

I didn't do a whole lot for the rest of the day - I did sit here and look over the lake


and took a few more pics of the area


this one was taken from my room - a little earlier in the day then the one taken yesterday.

For dinner I walked across the square and dined at the Hotel Grüner Baum

DSC_6181.JPG DSC02141.JPG

The dining room has a wonderful view across the lake


The entree as you can see is quite lovely - a small basket of fresh warm breads served with various spreads.

Main course was, surprise surprise, a schnitzel! It was tasty but just way too salty. I don't know - perhaps the locals have just developed a tolerance for salt, reasonable enough considering I'm in the heart of the salt mining area.

You can find more photos from today by clicking on the link
Hallstatt Set


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