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Monday, October 17, 2005

Munich - Day 3

First stop today after breakfast is a visit to the Church I can see from my window.


This is the parish church of St Anna, built in Romanesque style in 1892. Underneath the clock on the facade is a statue of a horseman of the apocalypse. The altar mosaics were particularly impressive.


DSC_6600.JPG DSC_6585.JPG

My next stop of the day is the Schloss Nymphenburg. It's quite convenient to get to as the tram that runs beside the hotel is the one that goes out to the Shloss (route 17). In fact I get there so quickly that it's not open yet! Though I must say there's a bit of garden between the tram and the house itself.


There's a benefit in being early I can get a good shot of the facade minus queues of people!


Now the Schloss started life fairly modestly - 1664 it consisted of only the Italianate villa that sits in the centre of the photo. Subsequent alterations saw the addition of the side wings to create what is viewed as one of Europe's most beautiful palaces.


You buy you tickets downstairs and then head up the external stairs to begin your visit - be prepared to be impressed


The first room is the Great Hall - it was remodelled in 1757 with lavish late Rococo court art. The ceiling depicts Olympian gods.


DSC_6715.JPG DSC_6722.JPG

The room to the left is the Electors' wives bedroom and on the right is the South Cabinet room.

There are many more photos of this lovely building if you like to see them click on the following link
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From here it was another tram back into the city - my next stop being Michaelskirche.


St Michael's was built for the Jesuits by Wilhelm V. The foundation stone laid in 1585 and church consecrated in 1597. Centrally situated on the facade is a statue of St Michael.


The barrel vaulting over the nave is the second largest after St Peter's Basilica in Rome!

DSC_6784.JPG DSC_6775.JPG


From here I walked down to visit another church - Peterskirche.

It's known as Alter Peter (Old Peter) - it was founded in the 11th century and when the original Romanesque church was burnt down it was rebuilt in the 14th century in Gothic style. In the 1630's a Baroque choir was added followed by a barrel vaulted roof and interior remodelling in Baroque style was completed in 1651. The original gothic spires were also replaced by a lantern dome. Although severely damaged in the war it was restored and re-opened in 1954.


DSC_6822.JPG DSC_6824.JPG


One of the more unusual signs at a church - fair enough, not smoking, no ice-cream, no phones, no hat but no hands in pockets?

This was found here

at the Heiliggeistkirche - the Church of the Holy Ghost - it's a Gothic Hall Church that was converted to baroque style in the 1720's


not a bad photo of the interior considering it laid behind this locked wall.


This church is located right next to the Viktualienmarkt - Munich's daily food market.




In the last photo you might be able to see the truffles on display - in case you are curious the white truffle is €4.90... a gram!

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  1. Superb photos, as always!! I'm surprised no one came and yoinked those truffles off the table and into their pockets.

  2. Thanks Jen! I think those truffles were just for show (stunt truffles), probably truffles that weren't good any more, they were stuck into place. The prices at the market were definitely high - I think the normal retail price for alba truffles was around €3 a gram.


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