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Friday, October 28, 2005

Train - Genoa to Bologna

Q: What's the best thing about Genoa?
A: Leaving.

While I was at the station yesterday I had a look for where my train will leave. There's no escalators or elevators so it means two flights down and one flight up dragging these bags to get to my platform. With that in mind I make sure I leave with plenty of time to spare.


I'm travelling on an IR Train (don't you love that blue interior) and by the look of the wallpaper in the carriage it was last remodelled in 1972!


Though I must add that this train is at least cleanish and with minimal amounts of corrosion. Some others I saw while waiting at the station look like they've been pulled out of the scrap heap.

It's just over a 3 and a half hour trip with a change at Milano Centrale.

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