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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alba - Giorno 14

There's been some work happening around the market - the carpark area will become the arena for the Palio and as you can see, they are working to get the seating up in time.

For a change we have coffee at Caffe' Cantalupo which is located near the Piazza Mercato

I thought I'd take some photos of the market as I've been a bit remiss.

I really wished someone grew these Abate pears in Australia.

In the afternoon we were entertained watching this banner being placed on one of the towers - you wouldn't believe just how much that crane basket shook in the wind. There is no way you'd get me up there.

When it came to cooking something sweet was in order - I combined

sheeps milk ricotta with

artisan "nutella"

add a sweet pastry case

and you get a chocolate & hazelnut ricotta tart.

The details:

Caffe' Cantalupo
4, Piazza Marconi Guglielmo


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