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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alba - Giorno 15

While enjoying our morning coffee at Douce Maison we notice this sign - oh my an Oktoberfest party with porchetta all through the night!

For late afternoon drinks we visit Casa Dellatorre - it is a b&b/small hotel and downstairs you'll find its rather cute cafe/wine bar.

As is the norm, our wine is accompanied with some nibbles

yes, the corn chips and salsa seems a bit out of place but it's made in house and is quite tasty. There's a couple of different types of freshly sliced salami, warm wedges of focaccia and frittata and a glass stuffed with thick grissini. We still kind of look at each other with amazement in that all this food is complimentary. It's a little more expensive than VinCafe but it's still less than what you'd pay for one glass of average wine back in Melbourne.

On the cooking front, I've used these lovely little Borettane Onions

and Lonza di Maiale

to make this tart

It's makes for a very tasty lunch.

For dinner, it's something light but decadent - carna cruda all'albese

I'v used these thin slices of veal breast - hand chopped and seasoned with salt, pepper and mustard and olive oil to bind.

What sets this dish apart is the liberal addition of white truffle - add some fresh bread from La Forneria and we've in heaven.

The details

La Douce Maison
Piazza Rossetti 5, Alba
Closed Monday

Casa Dellatorre
20, Via Elvio Pertinace, Alba


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