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Friday, September 09, 2011

Paris - Jour 3

For breakfast this morning Paalo is enjoying Coconut yoghurt while I have found something that I've absolutely fallen in love with

This is a sheeps milk yoghurt and it has the most amazing texture - a cross between a junket and a custard.

After breakfast it's time to go hunter-gathering. Today, we're getting ready for the arrival of Curtis and Leigh - they will be arriving later this afternoon so first up  is a trip to Carrefour and Place Monge Market to see if we can find the elusive Bresse chicken.

Unfortunately the journey proves fruitless and finally I have to admit defeat and alter our dinner plans. It wasn't just a lack of chicken, it was also a case of not quite having the right equipment in the apartment.

We're back at Place Maubert around 12, just in time to pick up some provisions for lunch and dinner.

Excellent bread from the bakery coupled with a few things from the butcher's rotisserie

Along with a piece of saucisse du bucheron (pork, beef and veal sausage), I just couldn't resist this lovely coquelet (which is a cockerel)

For lunch, it's crusty baguettes filled with either meaty shards of chicken and green pepper mustard or sausage.

Simple but extremely flavoursome.

We finish with something sweet - a lovely little fig tart.

The rest of the afternoon is spend pottering around the apartment, Paalo is in charge of the wine

and I think we've got enough for rest of the evening - as long as we don't keep drinking it ;)

A light dinner is on the cards tonight - a selection of cheese and charcuterie, salads and naturally, copious amounts of excellent bread - best of all, it's the perfect environment for conversation and catching up with the much missed Curtis and Leigh.


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