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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alba - Giorno 5

We should have been at Slow Cheese today but we're feeling a bit cheesed off so we've decide to stay home today. On our early morning walk for coffee and brioche, we ponder a serious question - are there truly Irish pubs everywhere?

It's quiet at this time of the day, the streets oh so picturesque

and with a little imagination, you can pretend you've stepped back in time.

For all the beauty, there are reminders of much darker days

and a faith that still runs strong.

For our second coffee of the morning we tried Pasticceria Cignetti on Via Vittoria Emanuele

and then spent a little time next door ogling the truffle delights at Tartufi Ponzio

My curiosity has been spiked by the freeze dried white truffles and the truffle pearls (spherified truffle juice) - they look like salmon roe but black.

We pause for a longer look further up the road at Polleria Elio Ratti

and continue down the road to Piazza Savona

On our way back, there's obviously something happening around Piazza Duomo

 love these little cars

but the matt black Vespa is ultra sexy.

While we've been on our walk, the festivities have been building as today there's a running race around the city called Corri sotto le Torri (Run under the Towers)

The fanfara of the Bersaglieri are here - I just love the hats!

We follow the soldiers for a little while then return to the Piazza where the presentations for the race are under way.

it is a bit drizzly but the Mayor is there to present the prizes to the winner

There's all sorts of categories - these were the junior winners

and these two guys won for being non-italians! The <strike>bastards</strike> lucky ducks won a Culatello and a dozen bottles of red! Paalo and I looked at each other - next year that will be us.

Oh, and this is Italy, there are even prizes for animals!

Back in our apartment I capture a few more shots of the city before lunch.

Lunch is something simple - a bit of this


a good portion of that


a whole heap of this

and you end up enjoying this - Tajarin with Black Truffles

Late in the afternoon we returned to Piazza Savona to watch the Fanfara put on a show - it's amazing to see them running and still able to play their instruments. I get tired looking at them.

After the show as we head back to our apartment we stop for a few drinks at Vincafé.

Night time brings another fabulous sky

a perfect way to end what has been a wonderful day.


Patiscceria Cignetti
Via Vittoria Emanuele, 3
Open: Tuesday to Sunday

Tartufo Ponzio
Via Vittoria Emanuele, 26

Polleria Elio Ratti
Via Vittoria Emanuele, 18


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