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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paris - Jour 7

It's our last full day in Paris and time to savour the view from our apartment - I don't think I could get tired of that view.

We have a few more things left to do - first up it's one final visit to Place Maubert Market. Next we check out the taxi situation around Saint-Michel. I had read that this was a place where it's usually easy to find taxis since it is so well used but when we arrived, there seemed to be a lot of people waiting for taxis but no taxis to be found. I think we're going to try my first option which is at Place Maubert - there's usually been at least one taxi there every time we've gone past and it's closer to where we are staying.

We take a slow walk towards Les Halles on our way to Dehillerin - and we're pleasantly surprised by the beauty of Saint-Eustache Church.

Dehillerin itself is quite an intriguing shop full of way too many things I'd love to buy. If I spent a month in Paris I believe I'd have an absolutely fantastic kitchen to bring back with me and the savings would probably cover the airfare.

That's one thing that has become depressingly obvious - in Australia we really are paying through the nose not just on luxuries but the basic items.

For lunch we dine at the near-by Au Pied du Cochon - not the type of place we'd normally go to and we wouldn't necessarily go there again but it certainly might be worth it for the curiosity factor, especially if you don't order the pied du cochon!

The rest of the day is basically packing up for our train tomorrow - it will be an early start - we are looking to leave before 6.30am.

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  1. Your pictures are so captivating. My husband and I are going over the holidays, and your posts have only given me more to be excited about. Thanks for sharing!


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