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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alba - Giorno 8

For breakfast we once again went to what has become our favourite coffee spot La Douce Maison especially when the brioche have just come from the oven and are lovely and warm.

After breakfast, time for a bit of a stroll and to pick up provisions for the day. At the bread shop I make sure I take a photo of this

it's a tap of warm chocolate - I wonder how many people would like to stick their face under that.

There's work to be done so we'll be staying in today and staring at computers though I have more free time to spend on cooking.

I turn these beautiful peppers into Giardiniera Piemontese inspired by a recent meal.

In the afternoon, we very much enjoy our liquid gift from Curtis and Leigh

- it's excellent with lardo crostini.

From Guido the butcher, I bought these lovely pork chops

and they are simply cooked in a little oil and butter and fresh sage

browned on each side - it only takes a few minutes.

and they are a great companion to the giardiniera.

Once again, Alba puts on a fabulous sunset.

La Douce Maison
Piazza Rossetti 5, Alba
Closed Monday


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