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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Place Maubert Market

First stop today is the Place Maubert Market.

To use its proper name, The Marché Maubert is the oldest market in Paris having started in 1547 and it appears three times a week on Place Maubert around the Maubert-Mutalité Metro station.

Situated on Boulevard St. Germaine it truly is in a prime position of Paris. My visit today is strictly to take photos - we've already got too many things to take with us to Italy.

First stop is the Saucisson stand:

Can highly recommend these sausages - there's over 20 types you're bound to find something you love.

Beautiful girolles

When the market closes you still have the benefit of some really good food stores

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois - service here isn't quite as friendly as the cheese stalls in the market and the prices are a little higher but they do have an excellent range

Le Cuvier - Wine Store - we found most of our wines from here - there are prices here to suit any budget.

Le Cuvier Wine store /Moisan - boulangerie de saint-germaine

Moisan - I suppose you could run around town finding the latest "in" bakery but why bother when you can find excellent bread so close to home

I love this Rotisserie at the Butcher

Fish Stall - there's also a "proper" Fish Shop

One of the market cheese stalls

The details:

Maubert Marché
Place Maubert
Boulevard St Germaine

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 7.30am to 2.30pm


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