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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cena - Osteria dei Sognatori

Not really in the mood for cooking tonight we're decided to head back to the Osteria for another meal - hopefully we'll be able to eat it all this time.

Always a good sign - a bulging basket of breads.

The antipasto today is very different

Vitello tonnato - the veal just dissolves in your mouth - delicious.

Carne cruda and chickpea fritters - they don't look like much but boy were they good.

Fried Zucchini flowers - I've been seeing them all over the market but this is our first taste of them - they are simply coated in a beautifully crisp batter.

Pasta is tajarin with porcini and the main is Brasato di Maiale (braised pork)

Dessert is the ever reliable and delicious tiramisu


Osteria dei Sognatori
Via Macrino, 8

+39 0173 34043 ‎

Open for Lunch and Dinner
Closed: Wednesday


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