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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Paris - Jour 2

Even though we have the most amazingly comfortable bed in this apartment, jet-lag sees us awake at some ungodly hour.

As we have plenty of time we take the long way round to the Place Maubert Market and stop for breakfast at Café Segafredo.

The market is one of the reasons I've returned to this area - along with the fact that I just loved being so close to Notre Dame - and walking around the stalls, there hasn't been a lot of change in six years, not even in the prices!

Our visit today is to buy food rather than taking photos - I'll do that before we leave, for now I want to shop and that is exactly what we do. Naturally we buy way too much but the combination of incredible produce and bargain prices is lethal. Armed with bread, cheeses, meats, fruit and veg, we head for home to survey our loot.

Eating our goodies will have to wait for dinner - we have lunch booked and getting there is a gentle walk along the Seine.

notre dame© by Haalo



notre dame© by Haalo

Our lunch destination is Restaurant L'AOC which proves to be an inspired choice - we can't wait to get back there on Saturday.

The walk back to our apartment is at a slower pace although we do manage to visit the Tour D'Argent shop.

After such a great lunch, our dinner is simple - a selection of cheese and charcuterie

Later this evening the apartment manager arrives to make sure we've settled in okay. We take the opportunity to ask where we'd be able to find Bresse chicken - surprisingly none were to be found at the market this morning. He thinks that the Carrefour Market near the Place Monge Market is where we can find them so with that little tidbit, we have tomorrow morning planned.


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