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Friday, September 16, 2011

Alba - Giorno 3

We're in need of a coffee or two to start the day so it's a good excuse to explore more of the city.

Alba was a town with lots of towers, some still stand, most fell down or like this one, partially fell down.

I love this building, it is known as the "torre abbassata" - the lowered tower.

We satisfy our coffee cravings at La Douce Maison on Piazza Rossetti overlooking the Duomo - we heartily recommend their still still warm from the oven, crema pasticcera filled brioche.

Tower of the Duomo

Looking over Piazza Duomo

We can't dilly dally around Alba for we have plans - it may have taken us 4 years but we are heading back to Bra to attend Slow Cheese. It's less than a ten minute walk to Alba station were we pay the heady sum of €4 for a return ticket.

and in around twenty minutes we're at our destination.

As our day at Slow Cheese is quite photo intense, it has its own post - you can read about the day here - Slow Cheese Day 1

On the way back from the station, we stop at one of the other supermarkets to see what it's like and chance upon a quite interesting looking liqueur that I couldn't help but purchase.

Granger Genepy Nature Chaberton - a regional speciality liqueur of Piemonte. It's a distillation of the Genepy herb which is found in the alps.

After all the cheese, dinner is going to be simple - I'm using these fantastic freshly made tajarin

beautiful Beppino Occelli butter

an extremely generous serving of our bargain truffles

put them all together and you end up with this

tajarin with black truffles© by Haalo

Ahh, today was a good day.


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