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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paris - Jour 4

Still haven't got over the jetlag so we're up quite early but it allow us to enjoy the lovely view of Notre Dame.

This morning we're shopping for lunch so that means it's back to Place Maubert Market - it's an extra special day as we're expecting a special guest - Jamie.

We always have to stop and look at all those contrails - mind you we have to adjust our tinfoil hats first.

I might be shopping for food but I can still be distracted by other things - I just love love love that chest of drawers.

As soon as we're back at the apartment it's time for breakfast - I must explain that my last shopping task was to get bread from the bakery and as it neared my turn, the trays of just baked croissants were just being pulled out so seriously, I was left with no other option but to indulge.

Still warm and the coffee is about to be poured.

These are seriously good croissants, exceptionally buttery and as light as air.

For lunch, we are going for share plates - various saucissons and cheeses, lovely coeur de boeuf tomatoes, crisp radish and beautiful Charentais cantaloupe, those Tour d'Argent terrines, and this dish of Girolles à la Forestière

I've also made steamed baby potatoes tossed in chive butter and

the Roast coquelet has a second life in a salad with Baby Cos and Onion all tossed in a Green Mustard Dressing.

Of course, there is bread - various baguettes and this Olive Fougasse from the Market.

Happy plates all around.

For dessert, a little Paris-Brest courtesy of Curtis and Leigh.

For dinner, we're off to Restaurant L'AOC.


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