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Monday, September 12, 2011

Paris - Jour 6

We've got a few things planned for today - first up is a trip on the batobus

Our nearest stop is at Notre Dame and while we wait for the boat (it doesn't start until 10am) we can enjoy the view

I took a lot of photos from the batobus the last time I was in Paris so I'm not going to bore you with more but I have included a snap of the Eiffel Tower since it's the first time Paalo has seen it.

The ticket we bought from the batobus was one that also included the ability to ride the hop-on hop-off buses and we used these buses to find our way up to Montmatre and Sacre-coeur.

Montmatre seems to be the place to get a good view of Paris but I must say, we were both a bit underwhelmed by it. To be honest, Montmatre isn't particularly pleasant either.

It's all a bit dull - cool blue and grey. A far superior city view would be in Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo.

Oh look, there's Notre Dame!

Okay, where did that huge tower come from?

We had hoped to catch a taxi back down into civilisation but alas none were to be found and we ended up walking all the way to Gare du Nord station.

By this time it's almost 2 and we're tired, thirsty, hot and hungry so we elect to take a taxi to Gare de Lyon and see if we could get a table at Le Train Bleu.

Happily for us, we got a table straight away and enjoyed a much needed touch of luxury.

Well sated, it's a quick taxi trip back to the apartment.


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