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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Paris - Jour 1

There is always a bit of nervousness when you book accommodation online as to whether it will actually live up to your expectations but any shadow of doubt disappeared as soon as we opened the door.

I've only taken a few photos now as we need to find the nearest supermarket to get a few necessities.


There's quite a lot of religious bits and pieces dotted around the apartment and the view from our window is just perfect

I find something very comforting about being so close to Notre Dame.

The view down our little street isn't too bad either.


Our bedroom is also quite interestingly decorated - after so little sleep on really bad beds, that bed is looking mighty fine to us but we must resist there are things to do first.


As we are really in the center of things there are at least 3 supermarkets within a couple of minutes walk away - so we've stocked up on water, along with a few things to tide us over until we visit the market tomorrow morning.

We have an early-ish dinner at Le Navigator and then wander over to take a closer look at Notre Dame.

notre dame© by Haalo

I had caught a few glimpses of it on the taxi ride over and thought it looked a bit different - well the reason for that is that it is now clean. It's no longer a dirty grey, it's light and bright.

Then it's back home where there's time to take a couple more streetscapes from our windows. I don't know, I just think at night, Paris was made for black and white.




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