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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Vincafé is one of the winebars that our host Mario has recommended and as we're walking past it on the way back from seeing the Bersaglieri, it seems a good opportunity to pause and enjoy a wine or two.

There's a constantly changing selection of 50 to 100 wines by the glass - the menu of which is written on a chalkboard on the rear wall. What makes you do a double take are the prices that range from €2 to €6 (that's for a Barolo!) a glass - when was the last time a glass of wine was that cheap (and actually drinkable) in Australia?

To our surprise, we're also given a plate of nibbles. When we order our second round,

we're given another plate!

From 6pm to 9pm, things get serious - the bar is covered with platters of delicious aperitivi and if you pay €1 extra for your glass of wine, the food is free and it's self-serve.

There's also a pretty fabulous cheese cabinet.


Via Vittoria Emanuele, 12
12051 Alba CN

+039 0173 364603



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