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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cena - La Piola

La Piola is the sister restaurant of Piazza Duomo - it's located on the ground floor of the same building and its focus is more traditional, serving dishes of the region but with the same skill, level of care and quality as you'd find in PD. I suppose you'd equate it the Bistro Vue - Vue de Monde type of relationship.
Grissini and Bread

Vitello Tonnato
One of the more amazing versions of vitello tonnato that I've ever enjoyed. I'm so used to seeing grey veal but here it almost looks raw - sliced so finely, it's almost carpaccio like. Tender but with flavour and the tonnato sauce simply perfect.

Misto di Antipasti
A little bit of everything - from the top center and going clockwise -
vitello tonnato, insalata russa, tongue, cured meat, formaggio di langa, baccala mantecato and in the center, carne cruda

Tajarin al Ragu di Salsiccia

Both pasta dishes were as good as you would want them to be.

Zabaione al Moscato

Bonet al Cioccolato
as were both of the desserts.

Seriously impressive food - it may be a little more pricey than say the Bottega but in comparison to what you'd pay for this back home in Melbourne, this is still a bargain and that's not even taking into consideration just how damn inexpensive the wines are.

The details:

La Piola
Piazza Risorgimento 4
12051 Alba (CN)

+39 0173 442800

Lunch - 1200 to 1430
Dinner - 1900 to 2200

Sunday Night and Monday
Sunday and Monday (June, July, August)
Always open (September to December)

Annual Closing
between December and January
from 7th to 22nd August



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