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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Revivals @ Heathrow

The directions to Revivals made it sound like it was miles away but it couldn't be further from the truth - in reality, take an elevator up one flight and turn right and you're there


One of the best parts of this lounge is that you can have a shower and freshen up - you're also offered a beauty treatment - I opt for the maintenance manicure to fix all my broken nails while Paalo chooses a shave.

We're each given a bathroom each and it's a spacious room - plenty of places to keep your luggage so it's easy to get changed into fresh clothes after your shower. It's fitted with all the toiletries you'd need and it even has its own toilet.

I don't think I've ever felt so good after such a long flight.

After our respective beauty treatments it's time for breakfast and we decide on having the full english:


I've ordered mine with scrambled eggs


while Paalo went for the poached.

It won't win any awards but it's better than eating on the plane.

Good things had to come to an end and as much as we enjoyed relaxing here it was time to continue our journey - a taxi to St Pancras was next or St Pancreas as Paalo called it.


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